Chimney Sweep

Chimney Sweep

The home insurer requires the chimney to be cleaned at least once a year.

Cleaning the chimney is not only required by the insurance company, but is also needed to preserve your safety.

Lack of chimney cleaning often results in excessive release of carbon dioxide outside the device after opening the door, and is the main reason causing the chimney to ignite. Ignition of a chimney is one of the worst and most dangerous things that can happen to us at home. Worst of all, if this happens, it will be the fault of the home owner, caused by the lack of proper (regular) service of the chimney.

The range of services performed in this direction by our company includes:

  • Chimney Sweep of Wood Burning Stove,
  • Chimney Sweep of Pizza Oven,
  • Chimney Sweep of Inglenook Wood Burning Stove,
  • Chimney Sweep of Wood Burner,
  • Chimney Sweep of open fireplace,
  • bird nests removal.

If you have any questions or uncertainty, please contact us directly over the phone.

Wood Burning Stove and Fireplace Maintenance

One of the additional services besides Chimney Sweep is Wood Burning Stove And Fireplace Maintenance.

A lot of people do not know what it means and ask about what is included in this service.

Here is the scope of work for the Wood Burning Stove And Fireplace Maintenance service:

  • checking the tightness of the connections of the chimney system,
  • visual check for cracks in insulation elements (bricks and chamotte blocks),
  • visual check of the overall condition of the device, the condition of parts of everyday use, such as hinges, ash pan, grate, etc.
  • visual check for external cracks of metal elements of a fireplace or other type of device,
  • visual inspection of gaskets (seals with asbestos cord), door and windows.

NOTICE! All these activities are necessary, but the latter one is particularly important.

Make sure that you do not suck in any unwanted air or do not get carbon dioxide out of it, which is an odourless and poisonous gas.

Servicing of the fireplace is required by the manufacturer, due to the validity of the warranty.

It is also necessary to maintain your safety.

Chimney Sweep on Wedding Day

Our company gives you the opportunity to have your Chimney Sweep on your Wedding Day.

According to an old tradition, having a Chimney Sweep on your Wedding Day should bring happiness and money to the Bride and Groom on the new way of life.

You can also order a photographer from us for an additional fee.

The photo session includes photos of the Young Couple at home, in the garden or outdoors indicated by the Young Couple, and photos with the chimney sweep in front of the church.  You can fully personalize your photo session.

In order to set all the details, please contact us.